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We believe that we can maintain a family-friendly atmosphere in our classes by using choreography that is fun and fresh, while at the same time keeping the flavor of the street.  Don't come to our classes expecting 'booty' dancing or 'twerking.'  You'll be disappointed.  However, if you are looking for something that you can post on YouTube and at the same time not be ashamed to have Mom watch, then Urban Fire Dance Studio is the place for you!
Colossians 1:16 says that "all things were created by God and for God."  We believe that includes the more contemporary styles of music and dance that are often known as "hip hop."   As the creator of everything, God intended music and dance to be used for His glory.  Unfortunately, the world has distorted and perverted some styles of dance into something tasteless and far from a worshipful experience.  God has called us to bring the true worship experience of dance to this generation of young people.

Urban Fire Dance Studio

Welcome.  We offer classes in a variety of 'urban' or 'street' dance styles that are family-friendly and affordable. Here at Urban Fire Dance Studio, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students in our community.

Although we've been operating out of our Ft. Pierce studio since 2009, the founder has been running hip hop dance programs in this area for 15 years.  We've seen kids come through our doors with no confidence in themselves and transform within a few short months.  That's because what we do in each class is intentional.

Every one of our classes follows a curriculum that has been developed to teach the foundations of each style of dance and build upon the basics so that each dancer is able to learn and grow from trimester to trimester.  

Challenge * Expose * Prepare

Our Motto

  • We will Challenge our dancers to go beyond what they thought they could in their dance performance.  To not compete with others, but only try to do better than their personal best.  To encourage other classmates and help them become the best they can be, as well.
  • We will Expose our dancers to various styles of street dance, helping them expand their repertoire. To build Integrity, strong character and loyalty.  To understand that people who don't look like you can become your best friends if you'll just take time to get to know them.
  • We will Prepare our dancers for their "next," whether that be a possible career in dance or they move on to another sport or extracurricular activity.  They will learn a good team doesn't just happen, but is developed by hard work, encouragement and a commitment by everyone to practice and develop their own individual gift so they are more valuable to the whole team.

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